Friday, 30 November 2012

Momski :*

love this woman ! she's my friend , good partner , my friend , my teacher , my nun when I was sick , sometimes a temporary enemy when she is angry with me , irritating , sometimes be annoyed with her speech , being a good chef , be a cop when we crossed the street , loving , a good wife and a great  mother in the world . yes , of course she's my mom ! she's beautiful , beautiful like me :) she is always with me , she was always be there for me , she is my angel , my guardian . I'm very lucky to have her . He always understood what her son want . she's strong woman ! she's amazing ! all in one but one thing , i love her so much . i am so proud to have a mother like her  ! Thank you Lord for everything :)

 Maria Irene Osok

Mama Reni


Me with Mom 

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