Tuesday, 13 November 2012

And the day came :(

         The day comes , the day comes , the day comes * screaming *sigh* . The day a very sad day in my life and in my relationship too . The day he went left me , he went to achieve his goal , he went far , far away to malaysia . I'm not strong , my tears flowing .
Never thought that I would live far away from you , pathetic . 35 months we were always together every day , with you every day ! but since you left me , i'm here alone . I was sad when you left , a lot of things that we have not done together .  I was sad when at the airport , that was the last we met . Oh god I'm sad , why do you give way like this ? but I know that God has the best for us . This is not good bye , this is not the word "good bye" ! But we are only separated by distance , but our relationship is still . When you say "we can . I know you are strong . We are stronger" and I just silently weeping in saying "I am strong" I love you and I know you really love me :)

I knew since the day it came . Everything will change . I know we can run it and we meet again . Keep smiling !

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